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What social networks can I connect to?
Currently, TASSI is available for Facebook Business Pages, Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Profiles, and Twitter Profiles. We are working on adding Instagram as soon as possible.
Can I manage multiple accounts?
Currently, it is 1 TASSI account to manage profiles. If you would like to use this for clients, we recommend each client having their own account.
Can I upload my own images?
Yes! You can upload your own images in the image editor. Please note, We do limit the size of the graphics to ensure the highest quality graphic is posted on your behalf.
How much does TASSI cost?
$47 per month. You get a monthly marketing calendar, unlimited library of graphics, pre-written statuses, promotional content and more.
What is your refund policy?
We have a 7-day refund policy. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can email our team to request a refund and cancel your account.
What features are coming soon?
We are adding new features soon.
  1.  Scheduling Abilities with Instagram.
  2. Ability to Post to Multiple Pages for Multiple Accounts – We have an enterprise account that will allow you to manage multiple accounts with your profile.
  3. More Content Categories – We are adding new content to the site every week including graphics and statuses. We also will have specific content categories launching soon including Travel, Family, Health, Wellness, Fitness, Beauty Pets, Faith, and More!
If you have a content request, please submit it here.