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Patty Fry

I’m a brand new user and I can’t believe what a difference it’s making for my business! The marketing calendar is absolutely invaluable — something I’ve tried to put together for myself in the past with little success. This program completely removes the struggle I’ve always had around creating compelling email subject lines and blog post titles. And I love love love all the images!

Just scheduled a weeks worth of posts in about 12 minutes while eating guacamole so my life is pretty complete. Are you loving the simplicity of this software?

Patty Fry

With your system, it provides me with an actual schedule, guidance that I need, and it’s organized in a simple format. I can spend just a few hours at the beginning of each month, to schedule my posts and put my logo on graphics. This gives me the freedom to focus on engagement during the rest of the month. This program encompasses having a presence on the major platforms that I currently use. – Melyssa Green

This is a life saver! I was struggling putting together my own content and getting it all scheduled in a meaningful, organized way. Now, I have the ability to schedule my entire month in advance with great content! I am so excited about the possibilities of growing my business online and engaging with new potential clients. This system is going to save me a ton of time and allow me to grow my business consistently using social media. Thank you!!! – Myan Burton

I started using this over the weekend and I’m already getting results for my newest brand. My post engagement is up 1600% and my reach is up 8000% after only 3 days!! – Angie Mroczka

This was just what I needed. Running 3 different projects has always meant my social media was 3 times the work and since I started using the service, I’ve just felt more at peace about what I’m putting out there. The social media marketing calendar means I can delegate much easier and be sure of the quality. It’s easily saving me hours each week and helping me focus more on interacting with the clients I’m getting through my social media to become paying clients, easily a 1,000% ROI and more, completely worth the investment. – Jacqueline Tsuma

I started my business in January and thought I could do everything on my own. I quickly learned that I NEEDED outside support, especially when it comes to marketing. I had no idea what to post on my social media and how to reach people. This was a new world for me. – Kristen Kalinowski